AYUDA — Weeekend Edition

How’s your weekend? I know y’all are taking this time to slow down and rest while watching Squid Game or your favorite K-drama. Sure. Here’s a few more Ayuda for you guys to take advantage of before the slots get taken and the coupons expire. So check out now and upskill soon! Management Accounting MasterContinue reading “AYUDA — Weeekend Edition”

The Hangout

First year college. Bagong salta ako sa city. Baguio City. Lahat ng friends ko pumunta ng St Louis University for college. So since mahirap i-imagine ang mundo na wala or malayo sa barkada or mga kaibigan, dun na din ako nagaral. Lucky 9 sa calculator. Hangover. Babae. Heartbreaks. Leakage. Porkchop. 123. Vellum. Tamis ng unangContinue reading “The Hangout”

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