AYUDA — Weeekend Edition

How’s your weekend? I know y’all are taking this time to slow down and rest while watching Squid Game or your favorite K-drama. Sure. Here’s a few more Ayuda for you guys to take advantage of before the slots get taken and the coupons expire. So check out now and upskill soon! Management Accounting MasterContinue reading “AYUDA — Weeekend Edition”

AYUDA — Premiere Pro, SEO, Python, Digital Marketing atbp

It’s been a while, and I hope you were able to upskill since our last Ayuda. Once you pick up which course or cources you fancy in this batch, don’t forget to share this so others can take advantage as well. And before you leave, comment which one you picked and why. ☺️ Video EditingContinue reading “AYUDA — Premiere Pro, SEO, Python, Digital Marketing atbp”

Free connects anyone?

Today’s invites and #Molongskimethod Kung di niyo pa alam, nag-roll out si Upwork ng keme na you get 10 connects each time maconvert niyo ang mga invites into an interview. So alam niyo na ang gagawin niyo sa mga invites? Magpatakam. *wink wink* And now is the best time to fix your baduy Upwork profileContinue reading “Free connects anyone?”

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