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They said the most dreaded day of the week is Monday. Welp, let’s change that. You’re in luck. Let’s get you 180 days free trial of Canva PRO — that’s 6 months FREE! It’s as easy as 1,2,3: On your browser, log in to the Canva account that you want to upgrade to Canva ProContinue reading “6 Months FREE Canva PRO!”

2 FREE Shopify Courses

Para sa mga hindi pa new followers at mga di pa nakaka-checkout nito 🙂 Wala nang satsat-satsat pa, lapag agad. Charot. Hurry! BONUS: Winning With Communication – Master Communication Skills – Enroll for Free Enjoy and share! — M

Almost 100 FREE Courses For Freelancers

Check out niyo agad and create your own library of courses para pag time na kailangan niyo, balikan niyo na lang mga na-save niyong courses from Molongskiverse 🙂 Laban! How to Build Self-Belief and Make the Right Choices €49.99 €9.99 Kotlin: App tipo UBER utilizando Android Studio y Firebase €19.99 €9.99 Group Dynamics: Psychology of Group Behavior €49.99 €0.00 Virtualization FundamentalsContinue reading “Almost 100 FREE Courses For Freelancers”

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Upskill this weekend over a hundred options of FREE Courses! If you were able to take advantage and check out any of the free courses, consider subscribing to the Molongski+ Community by click the image below on your computer so I can create more free content to you and all other freelancers out there 🙂Continue reading “175 FREE Courses – Thousands Of $$$ In Savings”

FACEBOOK: Next Level Traffic Generation Strategies + BONUS: Adobe 2022 [SUITE GUIDES] Starter Pack

Facebook Marketing: Next Level Traffic Generation Strategies – Enroll for Free Best of Digital Marketing Essentials 2022: Learn Fun & Fast – Enroll for Free Lead Generation Mastery with Facebook Lead & Messenger Ads – Enroll for Free Hiring Process: Talent Management – Enroll for Free Kanban: Agile Kanban Productivity & Efficiency+Agile Scrum – Enroll for Free Shopify Guide: StartContinue reading “FACEBOOK: Next Level Traffic Generation Strategies + BONUS: Adobe 2022 [SUITE GUIDES] Starter Pack”

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· Over $355 worth of FREE Coupon Codes, or about P19,900 worth of Freelancing Courses · 16,373 SEO jobs found on Upwork waiting for you once you’ve successfully upskilled · Businesses can’t reach maximum profit without SEO Anong gagawin mo this weekend? Anong Kdrama na naman papanoorin mo? Sabi mo isang episode ka lang. HindiContinue reading “3 x FREE SEO Courses To Binge On This Weekend”

Elementor and WordPress for Freelancers – FREE

· On Upwork, there are 1,201 jobs found when you search for Elementor ·  17,106 jobs worldwide show up when you search for WordPress On Upwork ·  WordPress website owners (like your clients) could soon benefit from a whole new range of hosting tools following a significant acquisition by Elementor — static and Jamstack hosting solution, Strattic ·Continue reading “Elementor and WordPress for Freelancers – FREE”

Googles Ads, YouTube Ads, + 40 FREE courses – Get Certifications! Bing Ads

Aba. ‘Wag mo naman kalimutan si Bing! Sabi ng mga Digital Marketing Experts and course creators nito na ang online PPC advertising has become one of the most in-demand skills of 2022. “In fact, online PPC advertising jobs can pay upwards of $100k per year. Why? Because every business can benefit from someone who createsContinue reading “Googles Ads, YouTube Ads, + 40 FREE courses – Get Certifications! Bing Ads”

FREE Social Media Marketing Strategy Course 2022

Dahil maulan today ang sarap sana na mahiga na lang. Char! Sana may course din na magtuturo yung higa higa ka lang pero kumikita ka. HAHA. (How I wish!) Change topic! On a serious note, do you know why is it important for someone to learn how to strategize? TBH, a leading cause of businessContinue reading “FREE Social Media Marketing Strategy Course 2022”

FREE TikTok Bootcamp

Strategy, Video Editing, Getting Followers · There’s about 3,839 jobs found on Upwork about Tiktok – now imagine how many other freelancing opportunities are out there outside TikTok. · Tiktok is still King – as revealed in a leaked memo from the Meta camp, Facebook is changing its algorithm yet again to take on Tiktok. ·Continue reading “FREE TikTok Bootcamp”

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