Upwork sucks.

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(Initially posted sa Molongski+ 8 Mar 23, edited for non-subscriber context)

Kung di niyo pa napapansin, Upwork sneakily increased the possible Connects client can require from you from a previous max of 6 to 8 Connects.

This sucks big time lalong lalo na sa mga newbie at kakapasok sa freelancing sa Upwork hindi pa aware na may strategy kineme pala dapat at or yung nagfi-freelance na sa #Upwork for a few weeks and months or years at stuck pa din sa Basta Basta Freelancing.

If nagfi-freelance ka sa Upwork and hindi ka affected or hindi mo pa feel ang effect nito now, you’re fortunate. Or, perspective lang, malay mo baka your wins and magandang flow ng freelancing mo now has somewhat wrapped you in bubble false sense of security?

So ano ang #MolongskiMethod para dito?

1. Albeit the ideal strategy now, the #MolongskiMethod I’ve been talking about since early last year mga Molongski+ and sa mga livestreams eh Aggressive Client Acquisition — this doesnt mean being hasty and careless about it.

Make sure you’re aware of the Molongski Trifecta para mas may fighting chance by being strategic and intentional.

2. Continue optimizing your profiles using the Molongski Worksheet — this helps and addresses variation in Title, Overview and Skills depending sa growth mo as you gain skills, expertise and experience. Leverage this tactic to support your transient freelancing campaign and overall strategy for the season. As alway, try different photos from time to time, but be aware din na baka hindi sa profile photo mo ang problema but sa ibang processes mo mainly sa Knowing Your Numbers or sa KISS proposals mo? Again, allot time for your process to work and do it’s magic, be patience and think long term. Hindi porke wala kang invite or offer ng 3 days, overhaul or “optimize” mo na agad Upwork profile or parts ng profile mo.

3. Even with optimized profile, mastery of Knowing Your Numbers and being a pro with your KISS proposals — still account for 50-90% failure. There are still tons of variables that cannot be accounted for and controlled that would lead to why your proposals have not been selected or you not being invited for a job post or not getting offers. Expectation management is a critical #MolongskiMethod soft skill that helps everything become bearable and sharpens your forward-thinker mindset.

An example dito eh yung bagong feature ni Upwork na may notifications na para malaman mo which of your proposals got viewed. This doesnt immediately and necassarily mean na hindi na nagwowork yung ibang KISS and non-KISS proposals mo. It could mean a lot of things, so dont base major process and strategy changes based on this. Failure is part of the process. I previously talked about yung Molongski Method na “Sa Pagitan ng Talo at Tanalo” or “T⚡P” — eto ang Molongski Goldilocks Zone. (will talk more about this advanced Molongski Method in the future)

4. The Molongski Method is designed for success and to intentionally fail.

Ultimately this will help you work with the clients you wanna work with. If you wanna work with “kahit sino na lang basta may client” please adjust the processes accordingly.

5. Whenever an entity becomes publicly traded, the main goal is not to make you happy or care for you. The main goal is to make the shareholders happy.

Try to slowly shift to a business mindset and let go of your employee mindset. A concrete example is to start accounting for all the gastos sa freelancing mo to include your subscriptions or pambili ng Connects, and strategically adjust your rate or your bids and quotes to account for and reflect them.

6. Even with all these new changes and upcoming changes, I still personally believe Upwork is a still a good centralized pool to get clients, premium clients or to stack up on skills and experience.

That being said, take care of your Upwork profile and maintain a good standing.

7. Like I always say, always appreciate what you have now. You’ll never know what you have until you lose it.

No one appreciated na 6 Connects dati pinakamataas sa Upwork dati. We all complained. Yung 8 na meron tayo now, it can easily be 10 or 12 in a heartbeat.

Start appreciating what you have now sa Upwork. Namnamin mong libre pang magbasa ng Job Posts at walang limit magapply. It could get “worse” anytime.

Isipin mo din, lahat ng resources na FREE and may UNLIMITED ACCESS ka sa Molongski page na youre taking for granted eh naging paid na lahat kinabukasan? Or lahat mawala?

8. If you remember yung #MolongskiMindset episode where Merryl, Kwek Kwek Girl and I talked about Locus of control. Eto na yon. Eto na ang test kung ano at pano ang Locus of Control mo.

Are you going to be that freelancer that goes, “Upwork sucks. Napakapangit na talaga ng Upwork. Saturated na nga, ang gahaman pa. Di na nakuntento kumain ng Connects at pahirapan ang mga freelancers sa boosting, ngayon ginawa pang 8 Connects ang required sa karamihan ng trabaho? Taena talaga. Napakawalang puso ng Upwork. Wala namang problema sakin. Perpek ako. Wala dapat iimprove at gawin sa part ko.”


Are you gonna be that freelancer who goes, “Upwork sucks. Naging mas competitive lalo ang platform at mukhang mas magastos na ang process ng client acquisition lalo may boosting na at tumaas ang needed Connects sa mga magagandang job posts. So ano ang pwede ko gawin kaya? Hmnnn… Start ako sa walang gastos na changes baka dun pa lang makahelp na — optimize ko profile ko, pagaralan ko mga klase ng Upwork job posts, matututong magprofile ng klase ng clients, yung know your numbers kineme saka yung KISS, saka magbasa ng sandamakmak na job post consistently daw sabi nung mamang feeling pogi pero yung boses kala mo maganda eh parang nagbibinatang yero naman. Kung kulang yon eh baka kailangan ko na din siguro mag-enroll sa paid courses or mentorship ng mga coach-coach na nagkalat, basta piliin ko sinong compatible sakin at sa learning style ko, para mas may advantage ako sa iba pang freelancers na nasa Upwork. Ano pa kaya ang pwede kong gawin?”

9. If you feel and think Upwork isn’t your thing, that’s okay. There are tons of other freelancing platforms. Please explore them and see which ones work for you. Find a way to make them work for you.

We are gifted with the tons of resources in the internetzzz.

10. If nagsubscribe ka sa Molongski+ please make sure you lapag a selfie sa thread to be added sa mga GCs and access other doors, since I usually deliver tips, tricks, sermons and dad jokes sa GCs and not sa group feed mismo. If that’s not your thing, it’s okay as well.

I havent been “active” and going live or Zoom sessions lately due to health reasons, work reasons, more work reasons, freelancing backlogs. I still always allot time to scour the web for updates that affects and will affect freelancing and freelancers, and then distill them for you so make sure youre reading the articles I post sa Molongski+ and you can personally follow the rabbit holes thereafter.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to know in the comment section.

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