Proposal Exercise

Hey there.

I forgot who I have heard this from, but he said, “Luck is a skill.”

And here’s the thing, with how eCommerce platforms (and Social Media – I will tell you in a bit why I l’ve included this) have been designed, luck is definitely a skill.

So yeah, you don’t have to be “everywhere” really, unless you have the bandwidth and resources to maintain all – let’s claim it – future ecommerce empires. You just have to be on the platform that has the most reach and leads you can close 🙂

I’d say, for pens, Amazon is still the best place for it. Shopify? Sure as long as there’s something (aka features) there we can fluff-up (im not sure if that’s really a word) in our ads? Other platforms? Well, if it’s handmade then we can certainly find a place for it in Etsy.

I’d go on but, let me tell you, without Social Media presence though – we won’t be able to maximize your reach and be able to close leads.

So you see, these days, luck is definitely a skill especially since everything’s annoyingly technical now.

So what do you say we change your luck now?


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  1. Hello Sir Molongski, I really want to change my luck in Your insights will be much appreciated.

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