Elementor and WordPress for Freelancers – FREE

· On Upwork, there are 1,201 jobs found when you search for Elementor
·  17,106 jobs worldwide show up when you search for WordPress On Upwork
·  WordPress website owners (like your clients) could soon benefit from a whole new range of hosting tools following a significant acquisition by Elementorstatic and Jamstack hosting solution, Strattic
·  Aside from the thousands of opportunities now, thousands more will be waiting for you in the foreseeable future

Aside from saving $84.99 (that’s about P4,756 savings using today’s dollar to peso exchage rate) which is already a big deal, this course I found now being offered FREE make you and your freelancing journey future-proof. Not on that, this course rarely shows up being offered for free.

This opportunity is so good, I’m checking it out myself.

Use the code AF4B8FC9CE5B3BD0BD4C or just click on the image below to be directed to the free course.

Gawang Canva hue hue

Anyway, I hope you’re able to add it to your cart and successfully check it out. Di ko alam kelan yan lalabas ulit.

So yeah, it’s past 1 AM on my end and patulog na ako nung nakita ko yan and sayang naman kung di ko ma-share. So I hope you liked it! <3

Also, If you wanna join the Molongski+ Community, you can click the image below to join others who already support Molongski.

Lakas maka-Apple eh noh? LOL

If you wanna buy me a coffee kasi dami mo na naman savings today, you can do so by clicking the image below or yung palutang-lutang na icon sa site:

okay na ako sa Caramel Mach, shawtie.

Naka-sale pa din pala Stars, baka nagbabalak kayo mag-send ng Stars soon pag naka-live tayo ulit. You can purchase Stars with bonus Stars clicking the image below:

So ayun. Happy weekend and happy upskilling!

Goodnight! Labyu!



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