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Dahil maulan today ang sarap sana na mahiga na lang. Char! Sana may course din na magtuturo yung higa higa ka lang pero kumikita ka. HAHA. (How I wish!)

Change topic! On a serious note, do you know why is it important for someone to learn how to strategize?

TBH, a leading cause of business failure is not having any type of strategic plan and the same thing goes for life. Without strategic planning you have no idea where you are headed. You will wander aimlessly without priorities, you’ll constantly change direction, and you lose some sense of purpose simply because you’re confused.

Like mapapatanung ka na lang: Anu ba talagang dapat kong unahin? Saan ba ako dapat magsimula? Kailan ba ako dapat magsimula? Paano ba ako magsisimula? Bakit ba kailangan magsimula?

So on and so forth….

Eh, bakit ba importante ang strategic planning para sa mga Social Media Marketers?

UNA, it provides clarity, direction, and focus. You know the steps. You have the guides. You are immersed with the WHY, WHAT, HOW, WHEN, and WHERE. Ito yung mini-roadmap mo para makarating ka sa set goals mo for the Social Media account you’re handling.

SECOND, it provides alignment! Strategic plan is not simply a document to keep everyone on track or on the same page. More than that, strategic planning opens up an opportunity for people to collaborate, to have creative exchange of ideas, to resolve disputes and work out having effective solutions lalo na kung di ka one-man-SMM.

And FINALLY, having a strategic plan is a way to convey your message. Kumbaga it’s the communications vehicle for what must be done para makabuo ng short- and long- term stability and sustainability.

TANDAAN: An effective Social Media Marketing Strategy can lead to more customers, more traffic, and more engagement.

Kaya naman enroll for FREE, you only have 2 DAYS LEFT!!!


Sa totoo lang pati sa buhay natin applicable talaga na may strategy tayo. Sabi nga sa isang article ng Better Soul, “Having a strategy relaxes your mind.” Ang bongga diba?

Furthermore, pag may strat ka you will save time and money as you pursue your goals by not spending your time and effort on things that may or may not be important sa overall vision or sa big picture. Kapag may strategy ka you know what really matters at nagiging choosy kana (a good kind, though).

Basta ako I believe na okay lang maging choosy kahit di yummy importante may money. Chos! 😂

O siya hanggang dito na lang muna, antokshi na ang lola nyo. Sana may napulot kayo at kung meron man please feel free to share or magpa-kape o samahan kami.

Also, kaway naman kayo sa comment box para lang di ako mapatalsik dito. Thanky! 😘

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