100 Ayuda Para Kay Marites

It’s a Wednesday. The first thing you probably checked was how much you’re able to withdraw today. Some of you might be contented, and I know a lot of you aren’t.

If you’re one of those freelancers wanting to see more amount that you can widthraw, then let me help you achieve that. I’m doing my part (to be honest, part ko nga ba to? Bakit? Kelan? Paano? char) and looking for free stuves (oo plural siya ng stuff, bes) you can take advantage of, but you should also do your part in making time to consume what’s being served to you for free (Yes, free na nga bes. Isusubo mo na lang, mainit-init pa).

And who knows, a few Wednesdays from now, you’ll open your Upwork account and smile at the available amount you can withdraw.

I know only 10% of Ayuda leechers actually read captions LOL and it’s okay. It’s just the way it is. I just wanna say thank you and shoutout to Molongski Supporters, Star Senders and the Pindot Gang. Your support goes a long way.

So eto na nga….

at eto pa…

at eto paaaa….

I’ve highlighted the good loot from this batch, and I hope you’re able to check them out. Again, reminding you that the coupons expire anytime, and the slots fill up quick too. But it doesnt mean you check out stuves irresponsibly. Make sure to check out just the things you need.

Also make sure to subscribe to the site, since I post stuff here earlier than what I post on Facebook. Special uhm benefit for site fans. 🙂

Again don’t forget to share! Labyu!

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